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Fine Shoe Restoration

Expert Shoe Shine Without Leaving Your Home

We care for your shoes like they’re our own. Barwick & Sons use only the highest quality creams and polishes on all shoes. With our shines, we can completely strip old finishes and restore your shoes to a like-new finish.

Choose A Shine

Select the type of shine you would like Barwick & Sons to apply to your shoes.

Ship Your Shoes

Send your shoes to Barwick & Sons using your favorite shipping provider.

We Shine

We will get to work shining your shoes and keep in touch along the way. 

We Return

And you shine.

Start a Shine

Shine Services

Basic Shine

Shoes will be cleaned, conditioned, shined. We will also dress the edges and heels.

High Shine

We will remove old finishes, clean, condition, shine and add edge and heel dressing.

Mirror Shine (Toe & Heel)

Remove old finishes, clean, condition, shine, and add edge and heel dressing + add a mirror shine to the heel and toe.

Need help deciding on a shine service? Send us photos of your shoes and we will consult with you to determine the best shine.

Barwick & Sons does not resole or replace shoe heels.  See your local shoe cobbler for these services or contact us for assistance.

“I didn't believe my shoes could look brand new again. The shine is impressive.

“I didn't realize how dull my shoes were until I got them back."

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